You deserve to live your best life.  

Hey I’m Shennice and I know we just met but I believe we’re meant to be business besties.  But before I go any further, I think I ought to prepare you:

I'm a certified Jesus freak who I loves trap music, big laughs, charcuterie boards and Hallmark movies with a PH.D in Optimism.

I believe in big dreams, bold hair, and keepin' it 100.

If you are reading this then I bet that you’re like me: ambitious, entrepreneurial, and powered by a God. 

Am I right?

If you answered yes, then let me tell you about my unique one of a kind coaching program for women like us. I call it

Dream Pray Launch!


Dream Pray Launch finally gives women like us a place to weave our faith, our spiritual gifts, our talents, and our personality WITH the strategy and goals we need for business growth.

Dream Pray Launch is a 6 month executive coaching experience where you’ll learn how to be the COO of your business while recognizing that God is the CEO. I help you fulfill your God-given assignment and to unlock all the joy, abundance, and freedom He has intended for you. Through community and individual coaching and plenty of joy, I will teach you the tools to run a profitable business, hold you accountable for what God told you, and work alongside you as your mentor. We’ll have fun while fulfilling His vision for you so that you can bring home the bag and live YOUR best life.

Why Dream Pray Launch

You'll get everything you need to scale your business to your revenue goal. 

We will create profitable marketing strategies that attracts your ideal client with your authentic self. 

Get ready to optimize your business module to align with God's will, your personality & your lifestyle. 


You'll learn to maximize your operations through coaching, strategy and course modules. 


I'll provide you mentorship and accountability to help you reach your business and personal goals. 


This is an opportunity to intentionally grow your faith and spiritual life while embracing God as your CEO.

What's Included

Six (6) months of executive personalized coaching 

Access to the Private Membership Community 
12 month Strategic Plan -
$10,000 value
6 Monthly One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Shennice - $12,000 value
Access to Shennice via Marco Polo, email and text support $3,000 value
Access to 24/7 video trainings -$1,500 value
Monthly Live Peer Accountability Calls - $600 value
All inclusive celebratory mastermind weekend retreat $2,500 value

Total Value $29,600

 Are there bonuses? Well, of course

1 year subscription to the Dream LauncHERs Community - value $225

Monthly access to industry leaders - priceless

DPL ​Welcome Box -surprise

Access to live replays -priceless

Daily (M-F) Inspirational text messages- priceless 

Let's Talk What ifs

Based on my experience and the stories of my clients, here are some what if’s that may come up. ​


What if I stall out?

When I first started seeing success with my business, I was terrified that it would disappear as soon as it appeared. I wasn’t sure exactly why things were working, or what would keep working.


What if I never get a chance to recharge?

My success was encouraging, but I knew that if I couldn’t figure out how to scale up I’d quickly burn out. I needed to create space for growth AND REST. (I mean—even God rested one day a week!)


What if I’m missing out on the Holy Spirit’s guidance for my business?

I’d experienced the Holy Spirit’s guidance for other parts of my life (like family and faith), but following Him in my business felt like unfamiliar terrain.


Do any of these “what if’s” resonate with you, you’re in the right place. Because what I know now is that they come right before breakthrough.


Here’s what the other side of those what if’s looks like:

  • Knowing exactly what works and will keep working

  • Mastering the balance between rest and growth

  • Leaning on the Holy Spirit as your strongest business coach


The journey toward these things happens when you join Dream Pray Launch.  If you feel a nudge of maybe(!) or yes(!!!), the next step is a discovery call with me. This call is a short conversation where we get to know each other, and mutually seek a confirmation from God about taking those next steps together.

Sound good? Schedule your discovery call