Lewis loves his family. Lewis tells the reader that a family is a group of people of love you and take care of you. He is from a blended family. Meet Lewis' Big Family introduces the concept of family structure, pride in family and familial names. The book explains one concept of blended families and how regardless of how your family is formed or looks they still love you.

Shoes to Shine

Jordan has lost her front tooth. She has looked everywhere but can't seem to find it. Have You Seen My Little Tooth follows Jordan as she retraces her steps to find her tooth. This book explores the concepts of feelings and growing up. Perfect for your Pre-K through 2nd grader.

Less is More

Lewis wants to play rescue ranger with Mommy but Mommy must complete her work. Mommy is mompreneur who is juggling mom-life and work-life. Discover how Lewis and Mommy make it all work together. This book helps kids discover why parents work from home

Please Wait Mommy's Working