7 ways to solve money issues while on furlough

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Today marks day 27 of the partial shutdown of the US Government. Families everywhere are experiencing extreme stress trying to figure out ways to generate money to pay for necessities such as rent, food and utilities while not receiving their regular paycheck. When the fate of your livelihood is in the hands of someone other than yourself, you must ook for way to release the stronghold. One way to find freedom is through entrepreneurship aka a side-hustle.

Starting a business can be costly and timely yet in times of crisis you must

1. Be resourceful

2. Be swift

3. Be Resilient

Below you will find 7 side-hustles that can be started, maintained and deliver cash almost immediately.

1. Delivery Driver- Today we have far more options than delivering pizza. There are several companies that allow you to sign up quickly online, get background checks and get to work. Take a look at Grub Hub, Bite Squad, Shipt, UberEats, DoorDash, 256To Go, and Instacart. There may also be an opportunity to strike up a deal with your local watering hole and start your own independent delivery service

2. Fiverr- Do you have a gift for graphics, writing, programming, audio, or music Fiverr is perfect for you to begin as a freelancer. Maybe you'll want to flex your business acumen by helping others with their business, Fiverr can do that as well. Fiverr touts being able to connect in just 5 minutes.

3. Home-Based Baking- Now this one is near and dear to my heart. If you're a natural born baker, then preheat your oven to 350 degrees and get to mixing. In SC, under the Cottage Food Law, the" production in home kitchens on non-potentially hazardous food products worth no more than $15,000 in gross sales annually" is legal. Street fairs, vendor fairs,Facebook or even from your newly constructed website are all sales funnels to sale to individuals not businesses. Be sure to check on your counties or states' laws on retail sales tax and business liscensures.

4. Health and Beauty Products- Do you have a recipe for an amazing sugar scrub? Maybe you've concocted moisturizer that is all natural. Bottle it. Label it. and SELL IT! Yep the natural product industry is wide open for newbies. Like any other business, make sure to check for the proper business licenses.

5. Amazon Flex Courier - Amazon has a great program that states " Be Your Own Boss, set your own dreams, have more time to pursue your goals and dreams. " With Amazon Flex program you become an Amazon delivery partner with the "power of Amazon behind you."

6. Coupon Clipping- Are you an extreme coupon-er? Why not share those amazing skills with those who hate buying at full price yet don't have time to coupon. Each week package an array of coupons that would suit the spending habits of your clients. Categorize the coupons just like the grocery store such as dairy, non-perishables, meats, etc. Send out a newsletter for digital coupons, send weekly coupons via mail or even offer to shop for them all for a nominal fee.

7. CARE. Com- Register yourself on www.care.com, as an after-school caregiver, babysitter and/or elder sitter. Include a background check and any experience you may have with childcare to make yourself more marketable.

Although starting these side hustles as a way to survive may not be ideal, you may find them enjoyable and better yet profitable beyond the shutdown crisis. Cheers to your resilience, resourcefulness and swift action.

Shennice Cleckley is the CEO for Smart Cookie Coaching. She aids new and aspiring entrepreneurs with strategic action plans to build business based on their talents, lifestyle and faith.

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