9 areas of your desk to spark momentum

My office was a mess. Not just a mess... a hot mess. I had mounds of papers all over my desk. I had not sweeped in weeks. My poor plant was screaming for water. No wonder I haven‘t written in months. Heck even this blog was behind. I needed to take action. I decided to feng shui my desk.

I found a wonderful article to help me de-clutter. According the article, my desk needed to be divided my into 9 areas. Then I placed items in each area to help remind me of the theme for that area.

1.Wealth and Prosperity-(left back) plant and my IPad

2.Fame and Reputation- (back Center ) my name plate, business cards and a picture of my first books

3. Love- (back right) picture of my husband and I

4. Family- (Center left) picture of my family

5. Health- (Center) keep the center clear

6. Creativity-(right center) notepad

7. Knowledge and Wisdom-(front left) a scripture plaque

8. Career -(front center) clear and clutter free- laptop space

9. Helpful People and Travel - (front right) My Zeta Phi Beta glass of helpful Sorors

I followed all the directions with special care. The results are amazing! The feelings of frustration and clutter have been converted to clarity and freedom.

I highly recommend de-cluttering your office. It will be just the spark you need to start the new year off right. #fengshui #tidyingup #newyear

Here’s the article I used.


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