I’ve been examining me lately. Who am I? Am I the sum of the things I do? Am I what everyone says I am? Am I the negative thoughts that enter my mind? I’m all those things and none of them. I know it sounds like a riddle yet even a stereotype has some reality.

In my exploration, I am discovering that I’ve based a large part of me by opinion seeking. I would take a random survey of a few people and then

formulate my opinion about myself. As though their opinion outweighs what I know about me. How crazy is that? I trusted the opinions of others over the truths I know about myself. Heck I convinced myself that maybe they see something that I wasn’t seeing. That’s like the epitome of over analyzing.

In truth, opinion seeking is not bad. God tells us to seek Godly wisdom. The key is Godly and wisdom, not opinions. Unfortunately when the opinion of others overshadows the truth that God has spoken over you, that’s when you’ve got a hot mess on your hands. God is the final and only word that matters.

I learning that discovering ones self is a journey or a cycle. Each season of life , each birthday, each life event starts or ends a chapter in your book of life. Often times that means discovering more and more truths about yourself. Which in-turn requires a new discovery process. We are ever evolving and transforming until eventually we will be perfect creatures with a heavenly body abiding with God.

I am Shennice. I am love. I am grace. I am forgiveness. I am peace. I am praise. I am worship. I am nurture. I am wisdom. I am kindness. I am encouragement. I am motivation. I am laughter. I am beauty.

I express who I am through my assignments of being a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, church member, community leader, keynote speaker, author, business coach, singer, radio host, student, creative, entrepreneur, cousin, mentor, Soror, baker, writer.

Here I am God send me! I am Your child and loved my You.

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