Arrangement Today Abundance Tomorrow

What am I grateful for today? Payment arrangements! I am thankful my creditors gives grace on my obligations. #TheEntrepreneurJourney

Some days I have to question my choice to be an entrepreneur. I receive my main compensation from contracts. One of the downsides of being in the gig world is that some contracts aren’t paid when you need them to be. Or you just don’t have enough contracts in your pipeline to supply your needs. Hence why most gig entrepreneurs have at least 7 ways they make money. For past few months, my regular expenses have outgrown my paI outs and that means it’s payment arrangement time.

I’ve been here before when I started building my bakery My Dessert Bar. I remember the feelings of starting new. It’s the feeling of uncertainty coupled with the drive and passion forge through the fear. It’s the knowning you are following God’s way yet trusting His way is uncomfortable. It’s knowing you‘ll persevere to success yet while you’re in the thick of it you can‘t see able.

This time I’m building a new brand with the mission of helping women of faith start and grow businesses with strategic plans. I guess I’m living my own brand huh? It was a risk to start again from scratch after so many successful years in another industry, yet I know I had to accept this new assignment from God. It’s how I operate in my purpose. It’s my next. This new thing is what I’m called to do in this season. And for that I’m grateful! Unfortunately that means I might have to go through some lean times, but I know this too shall pass.

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