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So I did a few things in my forties ...

Today marks a personal milestone and a remarkable celebration of midlife awakening as I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce the launch of "Dear Forties," a podcast that seeks to explore, embrace, and empower the glorious journey of life in our forties.

As we all know, turning forty often ignites a spark of curiosity, a dash of enchantment, and a wave of inevitable changes. Dear Forties, contrary to the common narrative of a dreaded midlife crisis, views this decade as a time of personal growth, self-discovery, and above all else - harmony.

Our forties welcome physical transformations and significant shifts in the balancing act of life - including parenting children at different stages and becoming increasingly involved in the caretaking of our own parents. Amidst these shifts, there are career evolutions and financial alterations. While these can be challenging, they serve as fundamental chapters in our distinctive forties tale.

On a personal note, my forties brought about unexpected surprises and refreshed beginnings. After becoming a mother at 15, I experienced the miracle of childbirth in my 40s, giving birth to a beautiful boy named Spencer. Much like his birth, the creation of this podcast symbolizes a refreshing start, a celebration of newness that our forties often bring.

"dear forties" is designed to serve as a life-line, a community, and a dear friend helping guide through this exceptional chapter of our lives. Because, after all, there is no manual to navigating our 40s!

"dear forties" aims to strike conversations on topics ranging from fashion to career advice, parenting tips, and much more. Every episode is curated around the unique experiences and insightful anecdotes shared from my own life and our guest speaker's narratives.

I welcome you to join me on this journey of self-exploration and celebration of the radiant and thrilling life in the forties. Because at forty, we stand at the intersection of wisdom and vivacity, earning our wings to fly even higher into the journey of fulfilled and expressed living.

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