Mommy Lessons You Wish You Knew Yesterday part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my insight into motherhood.

6. Keep a Mommy stash I am the keeper of the moolah in my house. I have to know at all time, regardless of the balance, what’s in the piggy bank. Living on a budget is the responsible thing to do when you’re adulting. Right? Add a line item in the budget called Mom’s Stash. This stash is used for your self-care. By creating an actual line item, you won’t feel guilty when you decided to do something for yourself because its in the budget!

7. Keep Preaching. The Kids are listening. As your kids get older, you wonder if all the cautionary tales you’ve told them all their life will stick with them when they leave the nest. While they may not practice what you preach immediately, when the time is right, your teachings will kick in. I remember hearing my daughters give their friends the very advice I had given them. I was a proud Mama.

8.Sex is not a necessity. Yes this is on my mommy lesson list. Let me explain. I not only love my husband, I luvh my husband. He is so fine and sexy that I want to give it to him whenever possible. Unfortunately, when you have kids, private time with the Mister can sometimes be nonexistent especially when one continues to sneak in your bed in the middle of the night. I can’t tell you how many times I attempted to snuggle in his arms only to be blocked by a youth size 10 foot in face. In this season, quality not quantity is the goal!

9.Motherhood is not a job. I have never considered motherhood as a job. I can’t be hired nor fired. I will always be a mother; like it or not. According to Merriam-Webster, a trailblazer is a person who makes, does or discovers something new and makes it acceptable or popular. As a mother, you are a trailblazer that shapes how your kids view life forever. During the early years, you are your kids’ whole world. They experience life through you. It’s your job make learning fun, manners acceptable and even discipline necessary. Your mothering not only affecting their life but society as a whole. Be proud Mama, you are a legend in the making.

10.Unconditional love is a gift. Have you ever heard the saying there’s nothing like a mother’s love? As a teen mother, I didn’t give myself the grace to enjoy my baby daughter’s love. The stigma of teen motherhood made me believe I wasn’t worthy of unconditional love. I now know I am worthy to receive and give unconditional love. It’s a gift from God who demonstrated it first. All I have to do is accept it. There is nothing my kids can do to make me stop loving them. Whether I’m mad or disappointed, the love I have for them will never leave. And that is my gift to them.

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