Review of Vision 2018

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

How I Visualized my 2018

Last year I began visualization.  I've always heard you got to see yourself doing it to make it happen, yet I wasn't a true convert of the concept.  I saw that it worked for others so I decided to give it a try. 

My first step was to meditate on my 2018 goals daily.  I wrote them down on my planner as well as in my journal. Next I placed intention on my actions by choosing a word for the year.  I chose manifestation.  Finally I placed my belief and faith in the mix.  I studied Habakkuk 2:2-3. I wrote the vision. Made it plain on tablets (planner).  Waited on the revelation for an appointed time.  And wouldn't you know it. It was not false, it did linger yet it certainly did come true. Today, I am total believer that visualizing your goals are essential to help you achieve them.  

A word about belief.  For visualization to work, you don't have to be a Jesus follower like me yet you do have to know there is a power higher than you. 

I declared 2018 as the year of manifestation.  I saw myself on TV, becoming a radio host, starting my new coaching business full time and being a keynote speaker before I actually did it. I wanted the seeds I planted in previous years to grow. My seeds were taking risks, learning new skills, changing my mindset, taking a class. I planted those in my soul, my work and my community. I wanted to see them manifest. My goals for 2018 were aligned with my vision and they did come true.  

My Manifestation Story 2018

Now let's set your vision for 2019.  This graphic is my actual 2018 virtual vision board results.  This is an example of how you can fill out your virtual vision board for 2019.  I’ve added a blank version below along with the guide of how to complete it. When your ready, complete you virtual vision board with your 2019 goals in hand. Trust me. Do this process.  You won't be sorry. Here’s to an abundant new year!

BTW, If you didn't get a chance to download myfree goal planner, then click below to get your copy.  You'll need it to complete your virtual vision board. 

Plan Your New Year

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