Overcoming Mommy Fails

Moms we've all had that feeling. The feeling that we are the worst Mom ever. Usually, it happens after you've done something that is out of the "normal" way a Mommy is supposed to act. Or maybe it's a simple mishap that couldn't be helped. For many of us, our minds tell us we have committed Mommy sin number 1 and we are now sentenced to a Mommy jail.

I'll be transparent for a moment. One time, I accidentally locked my Granddaughter in the car! Thank God it was early spring and the weather was perfect. She was about 6 months old and sleeping in her car seat. I got out the car at my parents' house and went around to open the door to get her out. I then realized the doors had locked and my keys had fallen out in the front seat. I was FRANTIC! I ran to the house and knocked on the door to tell my Dad to call the fire department so they can get the door open. The fire station is only 2 miles away yet in my panic I was prepared to break the window. Just when I found a rock big enough to shatter the front windows, the fire truck rolls up and used their handy dandy device to inflate the door open enough to press the door lock button. As soon as the door opened, I reached in to grab Cassidy and realized she had slept through the whole ordeal!

Immediately I felt like a loser. Yeah, she was alright but I locked my only Granddaughter in the car? What if I couldn't have gotten in? What if she had awakened and cried? How could I explain this to my daughter? I lamented for hours. When I finally told my daughter she simply said "OK. She's fine. She didn't even realize it". I created all this anxiety and guilt for a 15 - 20 minutes ordeal.

I was prepared to condemn myself for life for a 20-minute mistake. Yes, it could have been worse yet in this situation it wasn't. The baby was fine yet I was still feeling guilty, lost and totally incompetent. It was an honest mistake that I learned from immensely. I've made modifications to how I handle my keys, babies, and car seats. I don't ever want to go through that again.

The lesson is you will make mistakes. You will not do everything perfectly. Know that you are being the best Mom you can and that is enough. Let me tell you, girl, it's ok. You are a human being and life happens. Forgive yourself. Learn from the experience. And carry on. I bet your kids don't even notice the mistake. Remember, you are not perfect and that's ok.

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