Motherhood Wasn’t My Choice

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I was sitting here reflecting on Mother’s Day and realized each of my kids decided when I was gonna be their Mom. None of them were planned or ordinary. No textbook hallmark stories. I was not in charge at all. Here are my Mommy stories.


Adrienne delivered herself when she decided to come out in the hallway on the way to the delivery room. The nurse fussed at me to say why didn’t I tell her. I said how was I supposed to know I’ve never had a baby before. We had to wait for the Doctor to come cut the cord she came so fast. Yep it was all natural. 😳😍

At 10, Kiersten told me she wouldn’t call me Mom since she had a Mom. She preferred Shennice. I was cool with that. Yet one day a few weeks later we are grocery shopping and she calls out from the other aisle, “Mom, which one do you want?” Of course I didn’t answer because I didn’t realize it was her calling me. She says it again to get my attention. “Mom!!!” I looked at LeBrian with tears in my eyes and answered her. All he said was “Hold it in baby. Don’t cry on the middle of BILO” 😳😍


Jared told me I was his other Mom. I was shocked he was 7 and already telling me what to do. He said “what can call you now” after I married his Dad. I said whatever you feel most comfortable, just not Ms. Shennice. We live in the same house and that’s too formal.” He says “Ok I’m calling you Mom!” 🤔😍


Spencer...well we know he’s a character. The shock was that my birth children were going to be 24 years apart. To make it more amazing, not only was I pregnant at 39, let's just say my water broke in the middle of JCPenny Sandhill in the Martha Stewart section 3 weeks early. Yep all over the floor. 😂😍


Cassidy...well she was the idea of her Mama and Daddy. Yep once again, I had no say in being a Grandma NeNe! My Grandchild and my son. Are 2.5 years apart and she's the older one. 😂


I'm telling you. God has blessed me with some amazing offspring. I am honored to be their Mama. I wouldn't have it any way.

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