Perseverance: Follow Your Heart

I was looking at an old newspaper article & ran across this picture taken at my 2nd brick & mortar location for Literary Sweets Cafe in 2008. I have such fond memories of this place. It’s hard to believe, I almost didn’t open it.

In 2004, when I was exploring opening my 1st location, I went to my local SCORE office. My mentor was capable, yet he struggled to help me develop a plan of action. And not because he wasn’t knowledgeable, it was because he didn’t believe in my vision. He couldn’t see how a bookstore that served handmade chocolates and coffee could be viable let alone profitable. His unbelief made me feel invalid. I was sitting across this veteran businessman and he was telling me that the vision that I know God gave me was a pipe dream. Immediately I went into prayer. I needed to connect my heart to God’s call. Those prayers gave me the strength to continue planning even though I wasn’t validated. Answering my call to business & knowing my identity in Christ became my superpower. As it turns out, my mentor finally came around to supporting me after his wife explained the concept was geared toward a specific niche market of women. At our next meeting, he apologized for not putting himself in the shoes of the target customer. This is why I work so hard with my coaching clients. I want them to never feel alone or invalid. We are in this together.

Well...I did open the first Literary Sweets in 2005. It was about 400 sq ft. And in 2007 I upgraded to Literary Sweets #2, a 1300sq ft space. I’m super proud that I persevered & said YES to my calling & opened the businesses of my dream.

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