Seek Harmony Not Balance

I delivered a keynote this week entitled “seek harmony not balance.” That’s a mantra in my life. I loved sharing with the women of Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston and Les Dames d'Escoffier Charleston Chapter my favorite 7 strategies to implement to help achieve a more harmonious life.

The strategies are:

1. Scheduling: Use block scheduling

2. Audit your calendar

3. Get family agreements about prioritized items.

4. Know thy self.

5. Automate your systems

6. Network strategically

7. Shorten your to-do list

In a nutshell,

1.Understand time is a resource that cannot be replenished. Learning how to maximize your schedule increases productivity, saves money and creates more breathing room ie freedom.

2. Work-Life Balance is myth. Seeking harmony leads to less guilt and more personal and professional satisfaction.

3. You are not the sole resident of the island called Entrepreneurship. Recognize the signs of being overwhelmed, ask for help and implement new new strategies and redirect your focus

In essence, This talk was not solely about work life harmony. This talk is about giving yourself permission to live the life you want without the shame or guilt of having it all. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace. You are worth it.

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