The Mompreneur Blues

The life of motherhood and entrepreneurship is like a swing. Sometimes you’re up and other times you're down, yet through the entire experience you’re having fun!

I'll admit. I am one of those Moms who complained that the schools were closed early to prepare for Hurricane Florence. I found out in the middle of the grocery store buying dinner. I immediately turned around and doubled my groceries knowing it was gonna be a long week.

I am a natural preparer. I set my schedule weeks ahead of time so unplanned school closures totally throw me for a loop. As a Mompreneur, I've set the assumption that I can be in "CEO" mode starting at 8am until car pool line time of 2pm. After 2pm, my mind shifts into more of a "Mommy" mode. With the schools closed, I had to change my routine and I am a little aggregated. I'm playing Paw Patrol when I'm usually writing, sending emails or meeting coaching clients. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. I cherish all the moments I have with all of them. Yet I also love my career. I love being a business coach, speaker and writer. And before you jump to conclusions, I am fully aware that school is not a babysitter. I pay homage to all educators and praise them for operating in their gifts. Trust me I am in partner with my school. I'm simply sharing my heart.

I probably sound like a whiny brat but I know I'm not alone. Somewhere out there, there is a Mama on her second glass of wine wondering when the Governor will rescind his order to evacuate and wishing Hurricane Flo would just blow away. It's day 6 of Hurricane Florence and I've been with a 5 year old boy for 144 hours straight and a 7 year old for 72 hours. 😳

Last night I did some praying. I had too because cabin fever was about to make me go crazy. I decided to stop fighting the need to follow my usual routine. It's not conducive to our current situation. I have got to bring in the harmony because there is no such thing as balance in this case. I sat down in my home office and set a few goals that satisfies my craving for business and my obligation as Mommy. I made this list only with the current day's task totally setting myself up to have a win. I needed a winner!

Goals for today:

✅ send one business related email

✅ play with Spencer and Cassidy for 45 min

✅ get a good cup of coffee

✅ Shower

I know it's a crappy list but I crushed it! I feel like a winner! Yeah me! In the words of Spencer. I mastered the thing.

OMG! As I'm typing this post, I just got the call that school is back on. Normality is back in my life tomorrow. That means fresh air, exercise and adult interaction are on the horizon. Y'all pray for me. We still need to get through Sunday and the natives are restless.

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