Unfortunate Circumstances Aren’t Truths

Today I created a "truth board". What's a truth board? Technically it's a piece of ceramic tile with dry erase marker. But symbolically it is where I am writing "truths" to combat the worry, anxiety and lies that are occupying my mind. Right now my mind keeps telling me I am a failure due to several unfortunate circumstances that are greatly affecting my finances, my vision and my hope. These thoughts make me feel less valuable. The truth is that I am valuable and God called me to this purpose. Yes it is becoming extremely difficult to continue to follow the path I know with all my heart that I should be following. I need to stay the course and learn from the circumstances and not let them define my character.

I put my truth board in the kitchen since that is where I spend the A LOT of time. I need to see it. Speak it. Remind myself of this truth. I am building my faith with each setback by speaking the truths and not the lies. With each lie that enters my mind, I plan on writing on my truth board. I will not succumb to negative thoughts and adverse behaviors. I will conquer. I can't control all circumstances but I can control my reaction.

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