You’re Not Stuck. You’re Making Excuses

You’re stuck. God has given you this vision and now you’re stuck. Really girl! You're going to go there with me? You've got a goal that you want to achieve but you claim you can’t do it because the kids are in school. Or your husband has a work thing and you’ve got to handle the house. You’ve come up with every excuse in the book as to why you won't achieve or can’t achieve your goal. Do you see what you’re doing? You’re getting in your own way. How do I know?

I do it myself.

Just like you, I told myself this lie last week. I said, “I can’t get fit because I don’t have time to workout for 30 minutes. My to-do list is too long.” Here’s the other lie I told myself. “I truly want my business to reach more Moms but I just don’t have the money to hire a big team. Besides, who is going to listen to me?”

Yeah I was in deep. Then one day, during my new routine of morning devotion, God asked me a question. He said, “Who told you that you can’t do the things I told you to do?”

Gurrrllll, I was scared. I imagine this is what my kids feel like when I ask them a question in which I already know the answer. It’s called rhetorical Shennice. I had nothing to say. I had to face the truth. I am getting in my own way. I am making myself not be great. I have convinced myself that I am not skilled enough, worthy enough nor good enough to follow a plan God has already laid out before me. Of course the devotion was about going into the promised land. Just like Joshua, God has already gone before me. So why in the world am I denying my own greatness?

I got up from my desk, went to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself in the eyes. Of course I was captivated by my beauty yet I managed to tell myself these words.

“You are worthy. You are great. God would not give you the vision if he didn’t want you to pursue it. So get your excuse having behind up and do the damn work!

Can you believe it worked? I felt a surge of energy and motivation in my body.

I also performed a little exercise that I will share with you here. I hope this helps you find your truth. Now get up and get moving! You are someone’s answered prayer.

F.R.E.E. The “Get Unstuck” Exercise

Flip the script - Say your excuses and reasons for being stuck out loud. This helps you see the reality vs. the lie. When you hear it, you will be able to process it better.

Reach out for help- Get an accountability circle to help dispel the excuses. They will keep you moving forward.

Erase the Excuses - Get a piece of paper. Write down your goal(s) at the top of a page as a header. On the left side of the paper, list your reason (excuses) why you can't reach that goal and your fears. On the right side of the paper next to each fear or excuse, list the truths. For the truths, use scriptures, your true characteristics and your strengths.

Here's an example:

Goal: Walk 3 times a week

Excuse: I don't have time Truth: Wake up 30 minutes earlier

Expel fear- Meditate on the truths you have just written. Believe them with your whole heart.

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