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Joyful Jesus Freak. Loving Wife. Mama. CEO. Energetic Speaker. Nerd. Apple Product Lover. Charcuterie Connoisseur. Bougie Foodie. Budding Fashionista.

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Shennice Cleckley joined our SC WIL Lead Like a Circle meeting to share her leadership journey, answer our questions, give advice, and spread her wisdom
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Create Work-Life Harmony-Quit the impossible balancing act.

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My Business Journey

Here's my story...

When I opened my first business, I had $50, faith and a dream.  I couldn't find anyone to guide me through the "how to start a business" process based on my life, my gifts and my faith. I respected the traditional way to entrepreneurship, yet that just wasn't gonna work for me.  I had my own unique set of circumstances. I was newly divorced, raising a teen daughter, dealing with an ailing parent and boomeranging back to my home state to live after being laid off from Corporate America.

Yeah I know... That was a lot! 

The traditional path to entrepreneurship suggested I should have gone to business school, saved up 6 months' salary and get investors.  In my heart, I knew I was at a crossroads and there was no better time than the present to live out my dream. 

I can't lie.  In the beginning, it was hard but quitting due a lack of resources was not an option. I decided to dig in and bootstrap my way to success.  I attended free and low-cost business classes; networked with leaders, and read tons of books to increase my business skills. I even learned digital skills from YouTube and Google. I used good ole' trial and error to grow my business from a 400 sq ft pick up location to a successful 1500 sq ft, fully functioning bakery and dessert catering company in just 1 year.  

After a few years, the brick and mortar bakery began to struggle and I began to burnout out. My family was suffering also from all my late hours and lack of being present.  By this time,  I was remarried, a Mom of 4 and one was a toddler.  I knew I had to make a change.  My work-life balance was not tipping the scales.  I needed more harmony. 

You see...I had all I have ever wanted: family, dream business, and friends, but none of it made me smile.  I had lost my spark and joy. Everyday my business was getting harder and harder to run. I hit a plateau in my profits and it felt like I was recreating the wheel with every client. I knew something had to change.  This way of business just wasn't working.  

I made the hard decision to close the struggling brick and mortar and move my operation entirely online. I figured this would give me more time and better control. 

That was the best decision of my life!  I was able to spend more time with my growing family while continuing to grow my business. It all begin to fit.  I was able to run my business on my terms.  Not the way they said it "should" go but the way God wanted it to go.  I changed my business model to God's assignment me! 

After that shift, I got my groove back! I went on to get celebrity clients such as the Beyonce On The Run II Tour, Championship USC Women's Basketball Team, USA Olympic Women's Basketball team,Google and Championship USC Baseball team.  And I was able to be more present with my family and have time for me. 

Not bad ... Huh!

Now I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs find joy by aligning their personal and business life through strategic action plans that are based on their strengths, personality and lifestyle and faith.  Simply put...your business should fit your life, not the other way around!  I love showing women how make make their life "business-friendly". 

My prayer is that you have a life full of grace; that you live on purpose boldly with power; that you use your faith as fuel in your journey, and build the life of your dreams. 

I would love to work with you.  Let's connect.





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