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Purpose-Driven Business Coaching for Women 

Scale Your Business with Clarity, Confidence & Faith

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and unsure of your next steps? Maybe your business has plateaued, or you can't seem to get started again after a difficult season. A major decision has left you paralyzed. You have big dreams, but self-doubt holds you back. You yearn for clarity and a path forward that aligns with your deepest aspirations and God's plan for your life. I know the struggle. I've walked a similar path. And I'm here to help you break through those barriers and tap into the extraordinary potential that God has placed inside you.

How My Coaching is Different?

I empower you to conquer your strongholds & define your own success! 

Many purpose-driven entrepreneurs struggle with invisible barriers that hold them back from achieving their full potential. These are the "7 Strongholds," and they can manifest as fear, doubt, perfectionism, or a feeling of being stuck.


In my coaching program, I use my Limitless method to identify the strongholds that are uniquely affecting you. I equip you with powerful strategies, rooted in your faith, to overcome them.

Whether you're battling fear, perfectionism, comparison, or trust issues, my coaching helps you break free from these strongholds to step into your power as a faith-driven leader.

This coaching welcomes women from all faith backgrounds and is focused on aligning business with values, finding purpose, and achieving holistic success. Together, we'll create a transformative plan that addresses both your strongholds and your business goals. 

  • Uncover Your Purpose & Conquer Limiting Beliefs: We'll pinpoint your unique calling, identify strongholds holding you back, and develop strategies to overcome them, building a business aligned with your purpose and free from self-doubt.

  • Define Your Strengths & Values as a Leader: We'll explore your God-given strengths, core values, and entrepreneurial characteristics, empowering you to lead your business with authenticity and confidence.

  • Scriptural Strategies & Spiritual Support: Gain wisdom from biblical principles to inform your decision-making, and find support for navigating challenges with prayer and a faith-based perspective.

  • Personalized Roadmap for Personal & Business Growth: We'll craft a holistic plan that addresses both your personal development as a faith-based leader and strategic business growth goals.

Limitless Intensive

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Shennice praying

Ideal for faith-based entrepreneurs who feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, or burned out and crave a clear roadmap to achieve their ambitious goals.

This exclusive, half-day intensive offers a deep dive into self-discovery and personalized strategy, resulting in:

  • Unwavering clarity on your unique purpose and alignment with core values

  • Identification of strongholds limiting your growth, and a plan to conquer them

  • A customized action plan with milestones for scaling your business with purpose

  • Ongoing accountability and virtual support for 90 days to ensure implementation


  • Virtual Experience: $7500

  • Elevated In-Person Experience (limited availability): $10,000


This premium offering is designed for serious entrepreneurs yearning for transformative results. If you're ready to ignite your purpose, achieve breakthrough growth, and step into your power as a faith-driven leader, this is for you.

Not Sure Where to Start? Schedule a Complimentary Clarity Call to Explore Your Path

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