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Calendly X Good Time Stewardship

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Ever wish there were more hours in the day? As a caregiver for my parents, an active wife, mother, grandmother, AND a business owner, I know that struggle well. Scheduling used to be a nightmare!

The Bible reminds us that good time stewardship is important. Colossians 4:5 says to "walk in wisdom, redeeming the time." And Psalm 90:12 is my constant prayer: "Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom." But I'll be honest, I wasn't great at this! I wasted time in ways that left me scrambling.

That's where Calendly came into my life. This simple (and surprisingly smart) tool streamlined my scheduling process, saving me time, sanity, and probably a few gray hairs.

Here's what I love most:

  • Shows ONLY my available times, no more confusing email chains.

  • Automated reminders mean way fewer no-shows, hooray!

  • Integrates with my Zoom/Google Calendar, so I never double-book.

  • I can set questions to vet potential clients BEFORE a call is even booked

  • I can block off time for family and friends.

  • It feels professional and saves me tons of time!

Between caring for my family, being involved in my community, AND running a business, my schedule is packed. Calendly allows clients to book on their time while I'm juggling everything else. The pre-set questions ensure I'm only meeting with people I can truly help. And let's not forget the payment integration for consulting!

Listen...good time management isn't about squeezing more in. For me, it's about making space for what truly matters. Calendly frees me up to serve my clients better AND have a life outside my business. It's about work-life harmony. It's about being a good steward. That's what I call wise stewardship!

Ready to ditch the scheduling stress? Try Calendly's free version, and let me know if it transforms your business too!

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