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Truly See Yourself?

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Meet Shennice

Entrepreneur, author,

and motivational speaker

Meet Shennice Cleckley, a powerhouse for women entrepreneurs and the South Carolina Woman of the Year in Consulting (2021). With 20 years of entrepreneurial success, speaking engagements, and thought leadership, Shennice has become a fierce advocate for women entrepreneurs. After being laid off from Hewlett Packard in 2003, she pursued her first full-time entrepreneurship venture, Literary Sweets Chocolate and Bookstore. Later, Shennice established Smart Cookie, a strategic business development firm that positions faith-driven small business owners in the marketplace while embracing their faith. 


In 2023, Shennice became the Executive Director of the Fearless Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the venture capital firm Fearless Fund. Her role involves connecting women of color business owners with funding, education, and resources to promote growth and sustainability. Shennice co-creates grants and programs with global partners like the Tory Burch Foundation and Amazon by providing culturally-aware initiatives focused on access to capital and business training. With Shennice's leadership, the Fearless Foundation is transforming entrepreneurship, making the business world a more equitable place for all.



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New Release Coming Soon

Did you know your success is directly related to the way you see yourself?  

This book will guide you through the journey of healing from spiritual dysmorphia, which is the inability to see yourself the way God sees you.


You'll gain the strategies to conquer the 7 strongholds of :

  • Trust Issues

  • Perfectionism

  • Shrinking

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Comparison

  • Fear

  • Unworthiness


With transformational shifts in your mindset and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you could start living the life of your dreams.


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