What Did God Tell You   

Now...Let's Do It Together! 

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I see you Sis.

Do you resonate with any of the following:

  • You're ready to step out on crazy faith but you are hesitate because you feel unqualified.
  • God showed you an amazing promise yet you don't know how it will be fulfilled.
  • You've been working so hard on your business yet you've plateaued.
  • You've had success in your current business but lack the systems and tools to go to next level.
  • You feel like no one understands you or offer you the support you deserve to run your business.

Sis, you deserve to live an abundant life where you are well supported and able to run a business that is thriving; you have the time to be with your family and you are surrounded by God's love. I know the calling to business is real for you, and I can lead you on the path to success with Christ-centered abundance mindset coaching, business growth strategies, and keynote speeches.

God told you to do it.  Now let's do it together.

I'm Ready. Let's do it!
Yes, God Told You To Do That Thing.

Now...Let's Get Started!

The Successful SOULopreneur

Learn how to conquer the 7 most common strongholds the keep faith-driven business leader from achieving huge success. This 7-week program will guide you through the journey of healing from spiritual dysmorphia, which is the inability to see yourself the way God sees you. 


8 Tips to Better Work-Life Harmony Course

Kickstart your abundance journey with step-by-step guidance and hands-on resources.


Hey Girl!

I'm Shennice...

..."Your Business Bestie"!

I am a fun-loving, over the top, faith-filled woman who is on assignment to help you align your lifestyle, business and faith into a great big abundant life. Think of me as your bridge between dream and action.   That's me!


"Working with Shennice has changed my life. I feel seen, supported and closer to my destiny with every coaching session. My business is thriving and so am I."

- Belinda H.

"Shennice is amazing! She maximized my natural talents and developed a plan of action that helped me achieve the recognition of Top 10% of Atlanta agents and Top 10% company wide."

- Char W.

"I feel so much more organized and ready to enjoy my business. She is just fabulous."

- Anne M.
Work With Me!


Dream Pray Launch: A Daily Journal for Connection, Clarity and Action

Take this 90-day journaling experience to help you evolve into a more confident and courageous achiever filled with hope and destiny filled with hope and destiny.


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Let Us Pray: 12 Prays for Faith Driven Business Leaders

Let Us Pray is 12 prayer dev devotional for faith driven business leaders to connect with God while growing a profitable business.


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Please Wait Mommy's Working

Lewis wants to play rescue ranger but Mommy must complete her work. Mommy  is juggling mom & work life. Discover how Lewis & Mommy make it all work together. This book helps kids discover why parents work from home.

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Business Bestie Academy

Take control of your business future with these comprehensive courses and resources.

Take Action Bundle

The Take Action Bundle Pack includes 4 amazing resources to help go from thought to action. 

In this bundle you'll receive: 

  • Create The Solution Worksheet
  • Goal Planner Worksheet
  • One Page Business Planner
  • S.O.A.R. Analysis Worksheet 



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Work Life Harmony Bundle 

In this bundle you'll receive:

  • 11 strategies to better work -life harmony action sheet
  • 11 tips to greater confidence 
  • personal SWOT worksheet -use this as a self analysis to help you find lifestyle integration solutions 
  • Family agreement worksheet 
  • Daily Planner
  • Dream Pray Launch Journal Worksheet 
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