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Shennice Cleckley

Shennice Cleckley

Media Personality, Speaker, Corporate Emcee, Coach, Author

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Meet Shennice

Your My Purpose Bestie, Speaker & Host

I’m your fun-loving, Purpose Coach, media personality and speaker; empowering high-achieving women to lead with authenticity, nurture & transparency! My mission is for you to feel seen, safe and empowered! 


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Soulful Sparkles

Unleashing Your Heart's Audacious Dream

Soulful Sparkles: Unleashing Your Heart's Audacious Dreams is a transformative guide that invites you to uncover your passions, talents, and desires. This book is your catalyst to connect you and God during your journey of self-discovery. In Part I, delve into the language of your heart, identify your inherent tools and gifts, and cultivate trust as the key to your purpose. Part II encourages you to embrace audacious dreams, navigate detours with faith, and turn aspirations into tangible goals. Part III focuses on surrendering to divine timing, leaving a legacy, and forever unfolding in growth and discovery. Beyond a book, Soulful Sparkles is a clarion call to ignite your inner fire, step into your purpose, and illuminate the world with the brilliance of your unique soul. Open the pages, open your heart, and let Soulful Sparkles: Unleashing Your Heart's Audacious Dreams ignite the world.

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Stop Waiting! Start Living!

Do you sense a yearning within, a whisper urging you towards something more? Vivid dreams and a growing desire for fulfillment beckon, yet fear and doubt hold you back.

But what if you dared to dream and take action? What if you unlocked the potential simmering inside you? It's time to ignite the spark and create a SOULution (solutions for your soul), a path that aligns with your deepest desires.

This is more than achieving goals; it's about aligning your deepest desires with a fulfilling life. It's about discovering your purpose and living authentically.

Are you ready to live a life of purpose? Let Shennice, your My Purpose Coach show you how.


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