You deserve to live abundantly. 

"Growing your business around your life instead of making your life fit your business is sweet spot of abundant living. " - 

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I'm Shennice and I 'm here to help you live more abundantly by aligning your strengths (superpowers) and lifestyle with your business goals.  I know what it's like to desire more from life yet you don't feel like you know how to navigate it all.  It may be going back to school, starting a new career or opening up your dream business, like I did. I want you to know you can and will have the desires of your heart.  You are amazing!  And you deserve success and abundance.  You are worthy of all the things you've ever dreamed. 

Let me share my story with you...


Take the frustration out of being a business owner. Align your lifestyle and personality with your business operations.  Entrepreneur coaching maximizes your business processes and operations with how you think, feel and live.  It gives you the opportunity to run your business and enjoy your life.


Shennice speaks nationally to varied audiences of all sizes including schools, women's events, business conferences and church events offering insight on leadership, entrepreneurship, work-life harmony, diversity, parenting, blended families, marriage, and overcoming obstacles.


Visit my company, Smart Cookie Coaching, if your organization is seeking business development technical assistance services.

We have several programs to suit your needs. 

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"Don't let fear and frustration stop you from living the life you desire. You are worthy of success in business and life." - 

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My #LiveAbundantly online program will be launching soon. This 5 course series takes a deep dive into aligning your business with your life.  Courses include: mindset, goal setting, work-life harmony, operations management, business growth planning.  Get your name on the list for more information, updates, bonus features and discounts.